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Our Story

Born out of love for health and beauty. I have always been on the forefront of promoting it! Texas born gal;  health has always been my passion. I am a registered nurse, graduate class of 2012. Those who know me know my struggles with weight, emotional eating, or even counting every gasp of air I had. I am now 30 and I look and feel better than ever.
I found weight loss products THAT WORK for everything from emotional eating, slow metabolisms, to athletes who want to shred some fat. Everything from saggy skin, body contouring, FAJAS, and detox teas you name it, we have it. I strive wo make a difference and I am so inspired to help you every step of the way on your new journey to a healthier, happier you. And that is the #KITDRENAGRASA difference.

Our Philosophy

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Discover the Difference Nature Makes

Our products are all derived from the best of what nature has to offer. We pride ourselves in making sure all of our products are high quality, cruelty-free, paraben-free, with effective natural, organic ingredients. We care about nature, which is why our packaging is made with BPA-free materials to help preserve and maintain an eco-friendly environment.

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100% Sustainability

Most importantly, we care about you. When you buy our products, you are not a transaction, you are someone who has placed their trust in us. Because of this, we will always provide you with ethically conscious products that meet the highest standards of safety and excellence.

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Never Tested on Animals

We are animal lovers. Buy cruelty-free products. It's a movement.


Christian T., Distributor, Texas

"I enjoy my products as much as I enjoy serving them to all my loyal customers. Superb customer service, best pricing, always innovating!"

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