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  •  Levanta Cola Short will  exceed your expectations when you see the beautiful figure and impressive silhouette you can get when using this garment. All of our products are especially desired to fit the routine of today's woman. Made with the best and most innovative materials in the market. Always thinking of getting amazing results and incredible comfort.

    - Made in Colombia 
    - Breathable and hypo-allergenic fabric for sensitive skin. 
    - High compression and tail lift effect. 
    - Supreme elasticity. 
    - Flannel with front clips for comfort. 
    - Imperceptible under clothes. It has flat seams. 
    - Lace edges with silicone appliqués, which prevent the short to roll under the pants. 
    - Adjustable and long-lasting suspenders. 
    - Cotton on the back, to avoid irritation or uncomfortable friction. 
    - Ideal for daily use and to hide bulges in the high back.





    Xs: 95-110


    M: 120-135

    L: 135-150

    XL: 151-170

    2XL: 171-190

    3XL: 191-210

    Faja Short Levanta nalga

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