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  • Go nuts for Brazilian nuts? On the contrary to their appearance, They are actually seeds. They are low in cholesterol, and sodium, and an excellent source of SELENIUM, magnesium, zinc and calcium.
    Selenium is a powerful antioxidant that plays a key role in losing weight due to its effect on thyroid function.

    It is also a powerful fat burner which detaches fatty adipose from the muscle. This with prolonged use, will show in loss of inches. Brazilian seeed is also known to be a powerful detox, that helps mobilize any harmful toxins OUT, plus if you suffer from puffy belly due to air like colitis this will love air out of the intestine giving you a satisfies light feeling after the first days of usage.

    Recommended to be used in combo with a fat burner supplement or fat burner tea like LIPOFIX or both for enhanced results.

    Taken 1 piece prior to bed every day. Swallow don't chew. Must drink plenty of eater with any weight loss supplement. Potassium is important to maintain during the usage of Brazilian seed. This can be found in banana, kiwi, etc.

    Use only as directed. Store in a cool and dry place. Not recommended for people that suffer high blood pressure.

    Semilla de Brasil

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